Treatment For Acne


Small Pimples coming on Face, Neck, Shoulders, Chest and sometimes at back are generally called ACNE Acne are visible at adolescence age due to hormonal changes in human body. These are physiological changes and do not need any treatment.But sometimes due to hormonal imbalance these Acne grow in bigger size & need to be treated

Sign & Symptoms:

  • Large swollen pimples with pus filled inside

  • Appears on Buttocks, Groins and Armpit area

  • Redness, swelling, Papules, Pustules, Nodules, Scarring.

  • Oozing and bleeding with pain

  • Black scar formation and hyper-pigmentation of badly heated Acne



Adolecent age

Excessive heat exposure

Improper face care - lack of washing and cleanliness

Excess sweating

No Exercise

High carbohydrate and fatty diet



These above reasons are responsible for acne at any age. If not treated properly normal Acne converts into ACNE VULGARIS

Treatment Protocol for Acne :

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