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Ayurvedic Research Centre is the institution where constant research is going on treatment of Psoriasis and other diseases for which the proper treatment is not available in the whole world. ARC is having strong belief in Ayurveda and searching for the treatment modalities available in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the oldest complete medical system in the world that goes back to over 5000 years in to the history of vedic civilisation of India.

The purpose of Ayurveda is to bring the body forces into harmony so that they promote physical, emotional and spiritual growth Such an approach has proven effective over the centuries and as a result, many of Ayurvedic healing regimes have been widely accepted by the modern world.

In Ayurveda, diseases are treated with herbo-mineral medicines naturally available on earth indicating that nature has a remedy for most of the diseases that threatens to the living beings.

Dr. Annaji Ambalkar

Like other doctors serving their society, Dr. Annaji Ambalkar while performing his duty came across several people suffering from a dangerous skin disease known as Psoriasis. He witnessed these diseased people commuting suicide, being outcast by the society and the life of several families being disrupted. That was when he decided, to do something for psoriasis diseased people. In 1952 he founded ARC and since then ARC has played a major role in research and treatment of psoriasis.

What he has given to Psoriasis patients no body can express it, only Psoriasis patients can express it. Let us know about it

Dr. Pramod Ambalkar

The belief in allopathy is so high that it becomes almost impossible to make people aware of the hazards that it carries along with it. The turn to allopathic medicines which provide fast relief is normally seen in the masses of India. What people oversee is the side-effects of these allopathic medicines. People almost blindly follow what allopathy has to offer. The belief in Ayurveda has now however overpowered the belief in Allopathy and people somehow seem to have more faith in it. In order to keep the faith of the masses, Dr. Pramod Ambalkar, son of Late Dr. Annaji Ambalkar took up the challenge which allopathy had to offer and came up with PSORABAN -an ayurvedic medicine on Psoriasis that assures a substantial relief to the patients and that too, with no side effects.


Address: ARC Bhavan, Evershine City Last Stop, Vasai (East) Mumbai.

Phone: +91 93201 93201

Whatsapp: +91 97663 62776

Email: drambalkar@yahoo.co.in

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