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Indian Psoriasis Foundation


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The Best And Effective Treatment For Psoriasis

Are you a Psoriasis patient? Are you searching for a good psoriasis treatment? Oh!!! then there is a good news for you. Now you will not face any further complications related to Psoriasis. You have already suffered a lot in the cage of this dreadful disease ---- Psoriasis. Not only you but also your entire family has also suffered a great mental, physical and social trauma.

Wherever you are, but now you are at the right place, where you will get the perfect treatment to get rid off this dreadful disease.
Here, you will get not only the information and guidance about this disease but also a complete solution by our expert doctors. By this we are sure that your attitude towards your disease will change positively and not only that, you will be inspired to provide a helping hand to other psoriasis sufferers also.

Welcome to -- -- Ayurvedic Research Centre and Indian Psoriasis Foundation ---- Psoriasis Free World

Do you need the Best Treatment for Psoriasis? If, yes then you have come to the right place. We specialize in providing effective treatment to eliminate your psoriasis symptoms. Psoriasis is a skin ailment wherein the symptoms include rashes on the face, elbows, and knees and even in the scalp and genitals. Our Psoriasis Treatment in Ayurveda is focused on treating the Skin’s immune dysfunction.

Facial psoriasis is one amid the major concern these days. Area of the face that are often affected includes; the nose, eyebrows, upper lip, the hairline and more. With Our Treatment for Psoriasis on the Face you can easily get rid of facial psoriasis issues. We are one among the leading providers of Psoriasis Ayurvedic Treatment in Mumbai.


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